Ancient Greek Massage®

Ancient Greek Massage is a unique patented holistic therapy which closely follows the protocols used by the famous Hippocrates, father of the modern medicine!

It is a strong but not painful treatment, an unprecedented therapy, a trip to the glorious past of Ancient Greece!

Initially, dry massage and muscle stimulation is applied, a technique known only to the healers of the Ascipiia mystical temples. Horse brush and powder is then applied, one of the ancient techniques of the so called “latroliptes” (medical practitioners) that was used in order to keep the muscles of Olympic games athletes strong during intense training. Cupping, bowl movement techniques an sore feet cure, are only a few of the Hippocratic techniques for longevity and mental balance. Stlegida is the only surviving tool of the ancient times and the is only used in the treatment globally. It is very effective in cleansing from toxins and activating the lemphic system. Last but not least, the “rubbings of sorrow” were Hippocrates’s secret method to chase away the sorrow and negative thinking from people’s faces.   Duration 60


Massage with essential oils

The ethereal oils that are used, emanate from plants and flowers, that maintain all their active components, and because of their fluidity, have high penetration faculty and are easily absorbed. Applying them in any skin type, they complete the invigoration, the beauty, the maintenance of elasticity and skin youthfulness. At the same time, they create tranquility and energy flow, harmonizing body, soul and mind.. Duration 30 & 60.


Massage with Olive Oil

The therapeutic attributes of olive oil are unique, and well known from the ancient times. It is the basic source of vitamins and helps in:

1.     Reduction of bad cholesterol in blood

2.     Maintenance of good cholesterol

3.     Good circulation of blood

4.     Better absorption of calcium

5.     Prevention from cancer

6.     It nourishes, revives, hydrates the skin and protects it from ageing because the olive oil destroys the free roots.

In the massage we use lukewarm or warm olive oil, depending on the visitor’s resistance to temperature. Duration 30.


Detoxification Massage

The purpose of this massage is the detoxification of organism, the excitation of lymph circulation and the re-establishment of microcirculation.

Time 30 & 60.


Face & Head Massage

A massage method that we use in the Thermae Platystomou Wellness Resort & Spa , which aims the revitalizing of the face and the scalp with special pressures.

IT is relaxing  and eliminates the signs of fatigue. With this treatment, your face regains the radiance you desire.

Duration 30.