BODY PEELING  (Time 30΄)

The mixture that we use, is a combination of ethereal oils and sea salt. The presence of iodine, vitamins and trace elements, give particular effectiveness in the product, regarding its peeling, cleansing and detoxifying action. Before each body treatment, the peeling is essential, because the dead cells will be removed, the cuticle will be cleaned and it will give your skin a bright and clean aspect.



This treatment has been created in order to face dehydration. Its watery elements are based on the continuous need of medium cell, for the right rate of water. It increases the entry of trace elements and vitamins via blood, in all cells. It also protects the skin from the exterior factors of dehydration, as sun, air, etc.



The aim of seaweed is to transport in the organism, via the skin, all the elements contained in thermal and sea water such as iodine, sulphur, calcium, magnesium and potassium. The seaweed treatment has a reviving action as well, because of the presence of trace elements , vitamins and amino-acids. 1 kgr seaweed contains as much trace elements as 10.000 liters of sea water. It is ideal for its anti-cellulite action, tightening, regulation of metabolism and blood circulation.



Special treatment, relieving the tired legs. Peeling, special jelly mask and massage from the ankles until the thighs, encourage the microcirculation and disappear tiredness and edemas.



Therapeutic treatment based on self-heated sea mud, which eases the muscle and skeleton pains of back, nape and lumbar.



It is the ultimate Spa treatment which gives you complete rejuvenation and wellness. It is a combination of essential oils and precious metals that can bring you to a world of complete rest, balancing the positive energy of body and mind. Golden Treatment offers :

  • Rejuvenation of the skin
  • Removal of toxins
  • Enhancement of skin elasticity
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Hydration and absolute relaxation.

Furthermore Chrysotherapy offers :

  • Gives shine
  • Boosts the rate of skin cell renewal
  • Contributes to lymphatic drainage
  • Reverses oxidative damage.